Sun Q
if magical realism was music
Garage-psychedelic rock, inspired by the archetypes from the collective unconscious
Sun Q combines a dirty guitar sound with vivid, mysterious female vocals and ornate melodies. The band established itself on the Russian independent music scene as one of the most exciting garage rock wave newcomers. Their debut album "Charms" (2017) was very warmly received and praised by music critics, with many local and foreign music media noted their original approach and mesmerizing emotionality. Sun Q draw from the pool of myths and dark tales, intertwining them with the powerful music heritage of the 60s-80s.
The title single is an original version of a stoner bacchanalia with maenads and satyrs led by Dionysus; another song is inspired by the mystical lyrics of Joseph Brodsky; the next track is a bad dream of Elizabeth Siddal (best known as Ophelia). Followed by a hypnotic song with ethnic-style percussion and a retro wave ballad about hippies in love. The atmosphere of Woodstock is complemented by a tune with a memorable string ornament about spirit guides – "Animals". Also, "Jane Doe" – blues-rock about depersonalization. Finally, the gloomier and more psychedelic "Crystal Doors" and "Tree" reflect on approaching darkness, terrible and beautiful at the same time.

The album presents a unique opportunity to hear the legendary Juno-106 and Soviet synthesizers, a dozen guitars from different eras, the vintage Italian electronic organ Farfisa and even the traditional Swedish instrument nyckelharpa.

Created and recorded in Russia | Choir recorded in Uganda | Mixed in England | Artwork crafted in Brazil | Mastered in USA | Singles released in Turkey | Marketing in Moldova
garage rock / stoner rock / psychedelic rock
folk rock / garage rock / psychedelic rock
garage rock / folk rock / stoner / psychedelic rock
Sun Q are very hard to categorise overall with the band playing many different styles of music which shouldn't work with the Blues/Stoner Rock genres but Myth proves that it can be done and offer a splendid release that oozes charm, originality and a whole lot of swagger. The one thing that Myth impressed me the most apart from the creative vision and technical ability of both Elena and Ivan is the uplifting factor of the whole album. Myth leaves you with a warm glow throughout and that's quite hard to achieve but Sun Q has delivered one of the most uplifting Stoner Rock records in years.

SUN Q's music is dense but easily accessible, and touches the soul directly. The magic ingredient lies in the instrumentation, which is so rich that, leaving this album on repeat, I keep perceiving new facets. Myth is an indispensable album capable of delighting any audience, whether blues, rock, folk, prog, goth or stoner.

Sun Q uses a thundering mixture of garage rock and psychedeliс in their music, successfully seasoning it with a good portion of powerful hard rock and inventive art rock. Powerful guitars and retro synths are dynamically arranged with cascading beats, while an organic line of folk vocals completes the musical composition in an original way. The track 'Children Singing' represents a new stage in the creative activity of Sun Q.

There's something eerie yet beautiful about "Animals" from Sun Q. Haunting vocals, intriguing instrumentation and a huge sound that hits you like a wall of bricks – I was in love upon first listen. This song is just one of those great listens that will somehow get stuck in your head even though there really isn't an ear-worm type moment.

Una mezcla muy psicodélica que te transportará a un paisaje sonoro adictivo, desde nuestra primera impresión con el tema logramos zambullirnos en una aventura musical muy diferente a lo que estábamos acostumbrados, como resultado obtuvimos una grata melodía que hace uso de una sutil voz que hipnotiza, en compañía de una instrumental que te lleva a experimentar a tu libre espiritualidad.
The female vocals draw you in and the song slowly blends in its element of dirty garage rock with its fuzzy guitars and heavy basslines. This results in a soundscape so meticulously crafted that you can't help but give it all your attention. Amazingly engaging this song flies by because you are so utterly captivated by the music and ambience. Sun Q has crafted a one of a kind listening experience and nailed the atmosphere.
Raw rock riffing that hits you right between the ears as soaring glittering synths and Tiron's bright pop vocals collide with the rough garage rock. It's part punk, part prog, blended together to create a captivating slice of cross genre brilliance.
Os tons são moldados com elementos de rock psicodélico, folk, experimentais, e algumas nuances a mais, o que cria uma atmosfera transcendente da realidade, envolvendo as consciências distraídas e possibilitando que novas visões do tempo sejam adquiridas. Viciante com seus energéticos acordes de guitarra, vocais intensos e notas de nostalgia épica proveniente de sintetizadores vintage, o sabor irresistível escorre de sua essência rítmica por nossos poros e veias.
The sophomore album from Sun Q, Myth is a dynamic success that spans from the bluesy, throwback rock of opener "Jane Doe" to the string-laden majesty of "Tree" and the climactic synth-forward build within "I Am the Sun." Mystique-filled vocals permeate throughout, their eclectic tonal variety matching the instrumentation's riveting diversity.
"We're trying to create a special, trance-like atmosphere at our concerts. Graceful witchcraft and escapism just to return to yourself"
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